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Have you ever watched a movie scene that seems so intriguing but you miss out because you can’t understand the what they are saying ? At that point you stop and curse the producers for failing to “subtitle” the video.

Have you also seen viral videos that are widely shared and circulated, yet the subjects speak in a language you never knew existed?

Modern video technology is perhaps one of the most simplified and widely consumed forms of digital communication. Thousands of videos hit the internet fast and furious every minute from all over the world.

As this form of communication develops, video subtitling has become an important part of its growth. Why do I need my video subtitled?

Wider audience

The number one reason is that you want as many people to watch and even share your video. But first, they must understand the message. Whether you are doing it for television, You-Tube or website audience, video subtitling is the only way to ensure that your video is not limited by language barriers. All over the internet, there are numerous examples of videos that have successfully communicated the message even when the subjects speak a language scarcely known to the rest of the world.

Simplifying the message Through proper translation.

The secret to proper subtitling is ensuring that the message remains unchanged. In other words, your video subtitles must be professionally translated so that participants pass the message in the same way.

Unlike other media formats, translating for video is a tricky business that must be approached with caution and professionalism. Just a simple alteration on a single word can give the video a different meaning and leave the audience confused for the rest of the show. One wrong translation can actually put a dead end to your video. That’s where Translations99 brings in skills and experience to your video.

Sync the words with the actions

One of the most important aspects of subtitling is lip-synching. This simply means that the subjects’ words and actions are in tandem with the words displayed on the screen. Words(subtitles) must appear at the right time and in the correct form.
These words are what makes it easy for your audience to follow through. Before putting your video out for the world, make sure that speech matches what the audience sees on the screen.

Font, colour, and Background

There would be no need to subtitle your video and then have the words in colors that camouflage on the screen, making it impossible to read. Choose your font and color of your text wisely so that the subtitles are visible and legible. Work with the background, which is the video, to place your subtitles on screen positions where one can read easily.

We can do this for you

Translating for subtitles can be a demanding and challenging task. It requires some technical know-how, patience, and careful editing. Leave all this to us. Translations99 has worked with a wide range of global video content producers and brands. Video subtitling is a field we are well familiar with. Bring it to us and consider it done.

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