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Is A Multilingual Website Better For Your Business ?

The internet has made the “global village” concept a more realistic dream that has been enhanced and strengthened through connection tools such as websites. For quite a long time, the internet was dominated by websites that only catered to English speakers. Over the years, things have changed substantially and websites can now be found in most of the world’s common languages. Whereas some of these websites predominantly appear in one language, multilingual websites are rapidly gaining popularity, especially with the increased need for internationalization.

A multilingual website is basically one where content is displayed in various languages. The primary display is in one language but the website has been enabled to translate to other selected languages and readers are able to adjust accordingly.

What you need to know about Multilingual Websites ?

Mind the Language! Translation is the foundation block of a multilingual website.

The primary language in which the website appears may be flawless, colorful and attractive for marketing purposes. The challenge sets in when the same message is read in other languages. Organizations have the tendency of using automated translations for their websites with the help of robotic tools made through machine learning. The problem is that these translations are usually flawed and may confer a different message from the one intended.

Before enabling your website for multilingual readership, ensure that the content has been translated by professional translators. At Translations99 we are able to craft your message to capture your target audience without changing the original meaning.

Make it Easy to navigate

Users should find your multilingual website as friendly as a monolingual website. Some websites use their monolingual websites to provide links to related websites appearing in different languages. Others display a set of languages on the same website so that readers just click on their preferred language and the information is translated. Whichever technique you use, make sure that visitors to your website find it easy to use the tools provided.

Embrace Cultural Diversity

Some of the common displays on multilingual websites are national flags of nations where those languages are dominant. This is used to signal to the reader that they can change to the language upon clicking on the button. The same approach can be given to images used when translating content on the website. Use images and language that resonates with the readers in various languages.

Why is a multilingual Website Essential?

A multilingual website ultimately has a wider global reach than a monolingual language. This gives you an opportunity to make more sales through more conversions. At the same time, it becomes more cost effective to run a multilingual website by narrowing the cost of updating and maintenance

We are your partner in multilingual communication

At Translations99 we will help you in building a market-centric multilingual website that guarantees you immense traffic. As language and translation experts, we have mastered the essentials of digital marketing and we use them to help our clients scale over the competition. You cannot do it in the same old way and expect different results. Talk to us.

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