Everything you need to know about Desktop Publishing and how your Translations is affected

With the advent of the computer, the publishing industry changed tremendously. In the past, newspaper, magazines and other printed works followed lengthy tedious and time-consuming process for them to become complete products. Today, the story is very different. Desktop publishing (DTP) is a popular art that can be done by anyone, anywhere at any time as long as the publisher has access to a computer. What exactly is DTP?

In the simplest explanation, DTP is the use of a digital desktop to lay out and construct documents such as brochures, magazines, flyers or any other. In some cases, desktop publishing overlaps with formatting and even simpler and more common activities such as typesetting and design. Content can be the digital media or to be printed on hardcopy.

Modern technology has facilitated several additions and improvements to DTP. Common software synonymous with DPT include ;MS Word, MS Publisher, and MS Powerpoint. In design and layout, you will find tools such as InDesign, CorelDraw, Photoshop and others are commonplace. In more advanced setups, you will find software such as DocuSign which facilitates the creation of remote signatures.

DTP IN Translations: Is it important?

Translators receive documents in just about any format. Often, the challenge for them to ensure that their systems are compatible with various formats that respond to the needs of their clients.

To understand why a translator must be familiar with various publishing tools, consider the difference between English and languages such as Arabic or Farsi. While English is written and read from left to right, Arabic and Farsi are read right to left. What does this mean to a translator? It means that when handling either of these languages, a translator how to format the document so that there is little on interference with size, format, and flow.

On the other hand, Chinese, Japanese and Korean are written in columns and read from top to bottom. What happens then when they are translated into horizontal sentences such as found in English? It is the work of the translator to retain originality in spite of the change in format.

Content meant for marketing, digital media or professional presentations is carefully designed so that it looks organized, neat, presentable and attractive to the eye. Upon translation to a different language, this may change overwhelmingly, sometimes so much that it does n’t it seems to differ with the original idea. Thus, while doing translations, format, layout become just as important as the language and the content. They must be prioritized.

Appropriate Language selection for DTP

Language comes with cultural and lifestyle diversity and these too must be reflected when a translator is handling DTP translations. For instance, when translating marketing content from English to French, the image of the Eiffel Tower (found in Paris, France)would be more relevant than the London Eye(a London landmark). Cultural elements, political themes, fashion trends among other elements are just part of what translators must give careful consideration to in executing their tasks.

At Translations99, there are no details too small to be insignificant. We give a close and careful consideration to the intended use of the document as well. For instance, a document meant for print might differ with the layout need for a website.

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